Solar Panels

solar panel installationSunshine Coast Solar Centre is proud to use and recommend REC solar panels.

REC is one of the world’s largest producers of silicon for solar applications and one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels. Headquartered in Norway, REC is an international company that employs over 4,100 people worldwide.

REC solar panels for the Australian market are manufactured in Singapore and each one undergoes multiple quality control checks and flash tests before leaving the factory which ensures consistent quality and performance. We recommend REC solar panels for the following reasons:

In real world independent tests REC panels significantly outperform others

  • Ranked No 1 in Photon magazine 2011 real world test
  • 2nd best performer in 2010 Photon magazine test averaging 6% more power output than the test average.
  • Top performer on our own test system installed at our showroom.
  • REC solar panels have positive power tolerances. This means that a 235/245 watt solar panel will be a minimum of 235/245 watts, other manufacturers have tolerances up to -5%. With an REC solar panel you get the power you pay for.
  • REC solar panels have patented glass etching process which improves power production in low and diffuse conditions i.e. sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather.
  • REC solar panels have an industry leading linear 10 year manufacturers warranty in addition to a 25 year performance guarantee. (10 year warranty applies from September 2011)
  • REC solar panels have an embodied energy payback period of only 1 year.