Solar Power

Solar panelsOn the Sunshine Coast, the sun shines on average about 2,800 hours per year and is one of our most reliable and abundant sources of energy. The amount of energy Australia receives from the sun in one week is more than all Australians use in 119 years. Solar is a reliable and free source of energy.

Solar power is 100 % sustainable, safe and clean

Solar power or Photovoltaic (PV) systems do not produce harmful emissions or polluting gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). Unlike the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, coal or wood, solar power has no negative impact on our environment. It actively contributes to the containment of global warming and to a significant reduction of carbon dioxide.

Solar power is free

Sunshine is free! And even on cloudy days, a solar power system will produce energy. The sun is the only “fuel” the solar panels need to create electricity.

Solar power creates no noise

A solar power system works without sound. And as there are no moving parts, there is nothing to wear-out. Solar power systems are relatively easy to install and almost maintenance-free.

Solar power is produced and used in a local area

Usually, solar power is produced and consumed in the same area, for instance the electricity generated by your PV system is either used in the home or by your neighbours. Therefore, there is no loss of power due to transportation.