poolsSwimming Pool Heating and Solar Pool Pumps

the sun works™ solar pool heating is an economical and environmentally responsible means of heating your pool or spa with energy free from the sun.

Water is pumped from the pool through a collector array on your roof where the water absorbs heat from the sun as it travels through the collector, returning to the pool a few degrees warmer. This circulation of water through the collectors throughout the day raises the overall pool temperature.

Old or new pools can be fitted with the sun works™ solar pool heating – contact us today for a free quote.

Combining a sun works™ solar pool heating system with our new range of solar pool pumps is the perfect marriage, not only does the Sun heat your water for free it will also provide electricity to power the pump – resulting in zero running costs! Now that makes perfect sense.

We currently have a solar pool pump on test and more information, including pricing, will be available shortly!